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C & T

Department Vision

Acquire Create Engage

Department Mission

Our mission is to provide holistic education that enables every Broadrician to achieve quality results through Passion, Commitment and Collaboration.

Department Staff

Mr Lee Choon Kiat Jonathan  HOD/C&T 
Mr Mok Chan Thong                    HOD/SM
Mrs Fawzie (Rahayu Ngawan)              ST
Mdm Chen Xinyi
Mdm Jamilah Bte Rati   
Mdm Kavitha Palachandran
Mdm Low Chia Li Candy
Ms Loo Puay Ling
Mdm Noraishah Bte AgosTeacher 
Miss Nadira Bte Abdul Majeed
Mdm Nurul A'Shikin Binte Mohamed Salleh
Mr Salahudeen Mobarak
Ms Seerin Jaffer
Miss Seri Hannah Aminuddin
Mrs Tan Meow Choon
Mr Lim Fok Toong TSO 
Mr Mohd Hafiz  TSO
Mr Mohd Sahri   TSO 
Mr ZaharenTSO

Art Unit

The Art Unit’s aims, as aligned to those of Art Education, are to enable every student to be visually literate and to appreciate art. Being visually literate, our students are able to observe, understand and make meaning of what they see. They are also able to communicate their ideas by using and creating visuals. Students will also be able to see the value and recognise the relevance of art in their lives.


The Art Unit organises an outreach talk by the National Gallery of Singapore for the Sec 3E and 3NA Art students. The talk aims to develop students’ awareness and appreciation of Singapore and Southeast Asia art via 4 key artworks which play an important part in the story of Singapore and Southeast Asian history.

Design & Technology (D&T) Unit

The D&T Unit seeks to enable students to foster positive values and develop dispositions for enterprise, creativity and innovation through coursework. The curriculum aims to harness the students’ innate curiosity and ability to create through design-and-make activities. Students will acquire knowledge and skills beyond the syllabus through the contexts of the design-and-make activities which are connected to their everyday life. Students will also learn to empathise and be sensitive to people and the environment.


Applied Learning Programme (Entrepreneurship & Innovation)
The D&T Unit supports the school’s ALP programme by providing students with the skills needed in the exploration, designing and prototyping of their ideas. Students in the programme will also get the opportunity to actualize their proposed ideas.

ALP1.jpg ALP2.jpg ALP3.jpg





Ideation & Experimentation Process with Lego Course
This year, 5 of our secondary 3 students went for the Ideation & Experimentation Process with Lego Course in March. The course allows the students to have opportunities to think out of the box, through challenges to exercise their imagination and creativity. This helps them to improve their ideation skills through playing with Lego bricks.

Idea1.jpg Idea2.png

IronCAD In House Training
The Design & Technology Unit does in-house IronCAD Enrichment Programme for all Secondary 3 students so as to prepare them for their coursework. The course allows students to use IronCAD 3D software to produce ideas/ concepts in 3D working models and parts. In addition, they are able to create working 2D isometric drawing parts from 3D models, with a bill of materials and exploded view drawing.

Sharing of Best Practice at Conferences / Seminars

This year, the D&T Unit presented the PLT project titled ‘Design and Develop a T&L Mechanism Resource Package for Secondary 3 Levels’ at the 6th Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference 2015. The presentation covers the use of seven ways for support of meaningful learning by Linda Darling to increase the proficiency and engagement levels of students taking mechanism.

dnt 1.jpgdnt 2.jpg

The D&T Unit did a couple of sharing of best practices, one of which is the East Zone ICT Extravaganza 2014 at Victoria School in April 2014.The sharing covers the use of Moodle Platform to  enrich & supplement D&T Upper Secondary Teaching & Learning to promote Self-Directed Learning and Collaborative Learning within students.

BP2.jpg BP1.jpg

Nutrition & Food Science Unit

The NFS Unit offers two subjects; namely Food & Consumer Education for lower secondary students and Food & Nutrition for upper secondary students. The Unit seeks to develop students’ understanding of the concepts of nutrition and meal planning through understanding of the link between diet and health. Students will also be equipped with the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions concerning food and nutrition.


This year, 10 students were selected to participate in the iChef competition that was held in RP. This has helped to promote students' interest in food and beverage through demonstration and exchange of culinary skills and knowledge. In addition, it has also exposed them to the various characteristics of different cuisines and appreciates the opportunities the Food & Beverage sectors can offer.


The D&T Unit clinched the Innergy Award (Silver) in 2012 for its innovative approach towards teaching and learning. The Unit conceptualized and designed the ACE Electronics Board which provides both students and teachers with hands-on experience to visualize, understand and experiment the workings of the various circuits and components. More importantly, it makes electronics, often seen as a mundane and difficult subject, come “alive” and interesting to the students. Our students responded positively with this new experience and always look forward to their Electronics lessons. The Innergy Award was presented by Minister of Education to the D&T Unit in 2013.

c&t1.jpg c&t2.jpg
Members of the D&T Unit with our principal Mdm Heng and Mr Lim Biow Chuan at the ceremony