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Department Mission

Aspire to nurture every individual’s character through the school’s SPICE values

Department Vision

Equip Broadricians with knowledge, skills and values in their Physical Domain

Department Staff

Mr Aathi Neelan Ganesan  HOD/PE/CCS 
Mr Ong Ken Yong            HOD/CCE 
Mr Luo Shunheng Gideon    SH/SL 
Mr Mustafa Kamal B Abdullah
Mr See Woon Loon
Mr Tay Min Thong
Mr Muhamad Fadli Bin Abdul  AED
Mdm Sri Amirah Binte Suhairi SPE 

Our Annual Programmes / Events
  • Secondary 1 Orientation Camp
  • CCA Open House
  • Secondary 1 Swimming Programme
  • School Annual Cross-Country
  • Secondary 2 Adventure Camp
  • School Sports Carnival
  • Secondary 3 Outward Bound Course

Our PE Framework

A number of programmes and initiatives are organised to encourage our students to showcase as well as discover their unique and hidden talents. The aim of the physical education programme in Broadrick is aligned to the The Broadrician Outcomes which are to develop the physical, cognitive, aesthetics social, moral skills of the students through physical activity. These skills will allow all Broadricians to be holistically developed.


Our Co-Curricular Activities

Broadrick believes that participation in Co-Curriculum Activities (CCA) is an excellent medium for our students to learn and demonstrate desirable social qualities. Well organised CCAs can fuel in the individual a life-long love for the particular activity, be it Performing Arts which help to develop appreciation of the arts and graciousness.

Physical Sports nurtures Sportsmanship and Integrity

Uniformed Groups aims to grow Disciplined and Dedicated Citizens

Clubs and Societies, encourage Enterprise and Versatility

Our CCA Framework

The core of the framework represents the School’s Vision, Mission and Spice Values. The spokes are linked to the Guiding Principles of the CCA Framework provided by MOE. We have customised the principles. We want to ensure that these guiding principles are articulated in the various platforms namely the CCA groups (Uniformed Groups, Performing Arts, Sports/Games and Clubs)