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Staff Development

Professional Learning Teams

Broadrick strives to be a strong Professional Learning Community where professional development is both teacher-led and teacher-driven. To encourage teachers to collaborate, research, use data and inquire about their own instructional practices as well as students’ learning behaviours, the school has embarked on a school-wide Lesson Study approach. Broadrick uniquely taps the elements of lesson study to build cultural norms that underpin school improvements. Currently, there are 12 Professional Learning Teams (PLT) and 2 Best Practice Teams that are actively engaged in professional inquiry using Lesson Study. These groups will present their results and findings in the school’s very own Learning Symposium held annually. Selected projects are submitted for WALS Conferences each year. 

Lesson Study @ Work

Staff Dev 2014 1.jpg

An English Research Lesson 
Staff Dev 2014 2.jpg

A Science PLT Lesson 
Some of the Concept Maps shared by different PLT groups –PLT projects 2015


Staff Workshop

The focus of the workshop held in June was, Connected to Purpose, Self and Community. Using MTV routines, the workshop brought staff on an introspective journey of identifying their Shadows and Light and how they could leverage on theirs and their colleagues’ Light to improve their PIES (Physical Intellectual Emotional and Spiritual well-being). We ended the workshop with a bowling session which brought much laughter, joy and strengthened collegiality. 


Sharing Beyond School