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Learning for Life Programme

The Learning for Life Programme at Broadrick Secondary School seeks to nurture Confidence And REsilience (CARE) through Aesthetic, Community and Youth Leadership. We provide for the development of students’ competencies in the areas of aesthetic and service-learning through the Tier 1 experience during their lower secondary years.


Secondary 1
Secondary 2
Performing Skills: Percussion
Performing Skill: Guitar
Performing Skills: Ukulele

Theory: Notations Identify and recognise percussions (LO5)    

Listen and respond to Local / Western Composers’ music (LO3)  
Theory: String Instruments - Western and Ethnic Identify and recognise string instruments Understand musical elements and concepts(LO5)  

Listen and respond to Local / Western Composers’ music (LO3)
Music Appreciation: (LO4) From local and global cultures -Singapore -Music from Latin America/ Jazz /Blues    3Musically Singaporean  App: Song-Writing (Creation Skills) (LO2)   
   4 Music Appreciation: (LO4) From local and global cultures -Singapore -Western Classical Tradition : Orchestral / Chamber Music   
 Enrichment: Percussion  Enrichment: Show Choir 


Secondary 1
Secondary 2
1Element of Art: Texture1Space and Lines
 2Element of Art: Colour  2Drawing: Surreal Creation 
 3Toning and Shading   3 Georges Seurat: Density of Reflections. Exploration of Materials & Techniques
 4Ceramic  4Pointillism (Stippling)
 Enrichment: Metal Tooling  Enrichment: Paper Quilling 

Opportunities and platforms are then provided for students to apply and showcase their talent and strengths (Tier 2 experience), thereby building their confidence and resilience. Our comprehensive Service-Learning and Aesthetic programmes are structured into the school curriculum, and every student is given an opportunity to be exposed to rich, authentic experiences as they work with others and with the community at large. Through these platforms, we aim to progressively develop important life skills in students such as critical thinking, communication, leadership and active citizenry.