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  • Ms Johara (IC)
  • Mdm Kavitha

Training Days

Session 1: Wednesday 1530 – 1630
Venue: Library

The Library’s resources include approximately 11,000 books and collection of CDs. Books by Stephenie Meyers , Alexander McCall and the Geronimo Series by Thea Stilton continue to be the popular titles in the library. Different book themes were brought forward for display in the library based on events such as National Day and Total Defence Day. All librarians are encouraged to be avid readers themselves and are given the privilege to borrow new books first. They also enjoy a loan quota of six rather than four books. Librarians are also urged to actively participate in the library’s resource acquisition by researching on newly published books, sending in book reviews and book recommendations. Three librarians attended a workshop on research skills conducted by the National Library. The librarians learnt to seek information in a short time and learnt report writing. They also attended another workshop conducted by Civica where they can improve on their storytelling skills.