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Vision & Mission

To develop students to become effective communicators, with the ability to empathise and consider multi-perspectives when interacting with others as well as to be discerning when reading multi-modal texts.

To develop a confident individual who is able to communicate with ease and with success, and a concerned citizen who reads not only to keep updated with current affairs but to make a positive difference to his life and the lives of others.

Signature Programmes

The Talent Management Programme is the department’s signature programme where students competent in English Language are invited to be part of it. Students are given opportunities to hone their language skills through a specially designed programme with the intent of deepening their 21st Century competencies. Our focus is to cultivate students’ critical and innovative thinking skills through close analysis and evaluation of rich texts as well as close collaboration with their peers, sensitizing them to have a deeper appreciation of the use of English in diverse contexts.


Students from EL Talent Management Programme performing their interpretation of Shakespeare's Macbeth


Using ICT to engage students