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English Language & Literature Department

Department Vision & Mission

The English Department aims to prepare all Broadricians to be Competent, Confident and Creative users of the English Language, empowered with the tools to achieve a high level of fluency in English. They are all-rounded learners in terms of the four essential skills of listening and viewing, speaking and representing, reading and writing. These skills enable Broadricians to learn effectively as a student and in future as an adult. The outcome is a confident individual who is able to communicate with ease and with success; and a concerned citizen who reads not only to gain knowledge of the world but is capable of marrying this knowledge with his competency in the English Language, to make a positive difference to his life and the lives of others.

Key Department Programmes

English Breakfast with SPICE and Everything NicE!

A signature programme characterised by multimedia presentations featuring stories and information on various interests ranging from the arts, culture and entertainment, to sports and politics.


Oral Intensive Programme

In a small group, Secondary Four and Five students are coached by an English teacher once a week in the morning for three terms.  This develops their competence and confidence in sitting for the Oral Exam.


Reading Programme

Specially chosen range of English reading materials cater to different learning needs and interests of our students.


Enrichment Programmes

Secondary One Poetry Slam

Secondary Two Drama Appreciation

Secondary Three Oral Communication

Secondary Four and Five Advanced Text Reading