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Department Vision

Harnessing ICT tools for a dynamic learning environment

Department Mission

Providing a Dynamic Learning Environment through Web 2.0 and Open Source ICT Tools

Use of ICT to Facilitate Teaching & Learning

The Department believes in the knowledge and use of ICT tools to facilitate the Teaching and Learning process for our staff and students. We believe that the use of ICT will help bring about greater collaborative and self-directed learning. Hence, the Department continually explores and shares with staff and students the various Web 2.0 and Open Source software as well as programs for their suitability in engaging our students in their learning. The use of Web 2.0 and Open Source software for teaching is very popular these days as students are able to download and use the software freely anywhere without licensing expiry issues. These software are also versatile as they can be run on Windows, Macintosh or Linux-based computers. Some of the software currently used in the school include OpenOffice, MOODLE, GIMP, Prezi, GoogleApps, Geogebra, and Padlet, just to name a few.

Besides exploring Web 2.0 and Open Source software to enhance the Teaching and Learning experience, the Department also complements this with the review and upgrading of ICT facilities in the school to facilitate the use of ICT tools. The learning corner in the library has been facelifted with the addition of 6 iPads to allow students to explore and use applications for their work after school. Also, the IT Resource Room was refurbished with the addition of ITR2 to support the school’s direction in having banded classes and to provide a space that can support STEM strategies. This new learning space allows ease of mobility and enhances the collaborative learning experience of our students.



                The newly renovated IT Resource Room 2                  The newly added IPads Air for students' use in Library

In-House ICT Training

In line with the Ministry of Education's (MOE) directions to develop students into self-directed and independent learners, Broadrick Secondary School conducts a series of ICT Training sessions for your child.

The objective of the ICT Training is to equip our students with the necessary ICT skills and knowledge to do their daily schoolwork. In addition, the training will afford students an opportunity to learn about the know-how on new ICT software.

The ICT Training includes sessions on ICT tools such as Microsoft 2010, Open Office, Google Apps, MOODLE, Audacity, Freemind, GeoGebra, GIMP, Inkscape as well other useful applications. These sessions will include practical hands-on and mini-assignments. The sessions are conducted by our in-house ICT Trainers.

The training typically starts from Term 1 and ends in Term 2. Every training session will last 1.5 hours. Attendance is compulsory for every session.