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About Us

School Crest


The School Crest reflects the school colours. The cogwheel in the centre symbolises the school’s continuous strive for progress and development as it undertakes its mission to educate; the basic aim is represented by the open book. The torch represents our students’ commitment to life-long learning. The four rings reflect the multi-racial composition of the school community as it grows, learns and develop together as one united community. The concept of the school as a family is reinforced by the four inter-twinning rings.

School Flagschool flag.jpg

The school flag comprises two main colours – white and dark blue. The dark blue panels in the background represent our teachers and staff who are always ready to nurture and support our students in their pursuit to achieve academic and non-academic excellence. The white colour in the centre signifies the youth and receptivity of our students. The richness of the colour white points to the numerous possibilities opened to our students as they take their positions as adult citizens and contributing members of the community and beyond.

school flag.jpg