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Broadrician Outcomes

The Broadrician Outcomes are attributes that the school aspires for every Broadrician to have by the end of his education here in Broadrick. These outcomes are aligned to the school’s Vision and Mission and there are two key areas:

  • The Future Ready Learner
    • The Future Ready Learner is defined as a learner who is self-directed and confident, possessing a zest to lead a purposeful life and readily embraces the spirit of innovation and enterprise.  The distinctive traits of a Future Ready Leaner are:
      • taking responsibility for his own learning and constantly striving to do his best
      • adopting a growth mindset, guided by value
      • staking ownership for his goals and making effort to achieve them
      • demonstrating initiative, resourcefulness and the drive to manage challenges.

  • Displaying Strength of Character
    • Strength of Character is defined as a Broadrician rooted in values, learning to serve and serving to learn, having the resilience to face future challenges and possessing a sense of responsibility to contribute to the family, the school, the community and the nation.  The distinctive traits of a Broadrician with Strength of Character are:
      • exhibiting behaviour consistent with S.H.A.R.E in his daily life
      • providing meaningful service to others and applying one’s learning from the service rendered
      • showing fortitude to persevere and succeed, being able to bounce back from adversity
      • possessing a strong sense of civic responsibility and playing an active part in bettering the lives of others.