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Principal’s Message

A warm welcome to parents, students and community partners of Broadrick Secondary School.

2018 marks a new chapter for Broadrick Secondary School as it merged with MacPherson Secondary School. We are excited with the prospect of a new beginning; the synergy of the two schools with their distinctive best practices and programmes gives us a sturdy foundation to build a strong culture for students to flourish. With a rigorous academic programme and a well-grounded co-curricular programme, we strive to nurture future-ready learners with strength of character, reinforcing their values of SHARE-

S -erve with Pride 
H -onour with Integrity 
A-spire to Achieve 
R-esilience in Adversity 
E-mpathy with Respect

Broadrick Secondary School’s distinctive programmes are her Applied Learning Programme ‘Broadrick Entrepreneurship in STEM’ and her Learning for Life Programme ‘Confidence And REsilience (CARE) through Aesthetic, Community and Youth Leadership’.  

The Broadrick Entrepreneurship in STEM aims to cultivate a critical and inventive mind and disposition, as well as to nurture an entrepreneurial dare in our students, through the application of acquired key skills in authentic contexts.  Students will also be given opportunities to participate in local and overseas competitions and attachments.  These activities will allow them to gain greater exposure and to challenge them cognitively.  

To complement their cognitive development, CARE through Aesthetic, Community and Youth Leadership aims to cultivate a strong self-belief and the can-do attitude in the face of adversity.  This programme will not only develop their self-efficacy, but also a heart of compassion for others.   

We are committed to providing a rich and meaningful secondary school experience for every Broadrician – to develop every student to his or her fullest potential.  And we believe that together – with the strong support of our parents, School Advisory Committee, alumni, the community and other stakeholders, we will be able to attain new heights for Broadrick Secondary School.  

Mrs Tan Lay Hong