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Principal’s Message

We start this new year with a new normal where safe distancing and wearing masks have become part and parcel of our daily routine. Despite these apparent restrictions, we look towards 2021 with new found hope, with agility of adapting to changes, enabling us to be more ready for anything that comes our way. 

2020 was a special year for Broadrick as we were to celebrate our 50th Anniversary. In light of the unexpected developments of the pandemic, our plans were derailed but we were undeterred. We innovated to bring about the celebratory fanfare for this milestone event. Hence, Broadrick’s 50th Anniversary was celebrated in a unique manner. We adopted a virtual version of celebration with videos of our achievements as a school, screened and commemorated at the class level. This significant event was made memorable and meaningful with customized gifts, such as pencil cases and towels with the 50th Anniversary logo for all students, and, for the graduating cohort, a Broadrick bear plush toy and a Broadrick bear thumb drive. 

As we usher in 2021, we are excited as we anticipate a year of innovative practices to achieve greater and deeper learning. Firstly, Broadrick will be embracing the new initiative where all Sec 1 to 3 students will receive their very own personal learning device. By mid-Term 2, all Secondary One to Three students will be issued a personal tablet. In the meantime, the various departments are revamping their learning approaches and lesson plans to infuse technology purposefully, to bring about Blended Learning. Guided by designing meaningful lessons that not only better engage students but also to cultivate self-directed learning and acquiring critical and thinking skills through greater collaboration. Digital Literacy will be a key component in the lessons as teachers not only teach their specific disciplines but also ensure students’ growth to be digitally adept. 

Secondly, another key MOE initiative is Character & Citizenship Education (CCE) 2021 which is launched this year. CCE 2021 entails greater integration of CCE lessons with learning in the classroom, with CCA activities, and organized camps and learning journeys. There will also be a greater emphasis on students’ mental health and cyber wellness, a critical aspect to ensure their overall well-being and to address the challenges they encounter where technology is pervasive. In addition, more time will be allocated to discuss on contemporary issues which include pertinent topics, such as bullying, online media, and race and religion. With CCE 2021, we are confident that the students will be better prepared and better equipped to overcome challenges with a growth mindset. 

To conclude, I would like to draw some lessons from the nature of an Ox. We should emulate the qualities of the Ox as we charter our course in 2021; qualities such as being strong and steadfast while remaining calm and patient at all times, being reliable such that we can be trusted at all times, being conscientious and methodical in the way we do things. With such grit and belief, 2021 holds much hope and purpose for one and all. 

Mrs Tan Lay Hong