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Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

2022 will be an exciting year for all Broadricians and staff as we build on the foundations laid in 2021.  With the introduction of learning devices in Term 3 last year to all Secondary 1 to 3 students, we have adopted a school-wide approach to cultivate greater sense of purpose and responsibility in our charges. Students take special care of their learning device such as having their device fully charged for lessons and staying on task for various self-directed and collaborative online learning activities. To further support self-directed learning, we have trialled Blended Learning (BL) and actively encouraged students to explore their interests and to take charge of their learning of identified projects, under the provision of Student-Initiated-Learning (SIL). On scheduled Tuesdays, we are proud that students are easing into completing online assigned tasks and projects collaboratively and independently from home.   I am confident that this year will be a year of richer and more diverse experiences with further adaptation and refinements.  

In 2022, Broadrick will focus on three key areas – Blending Learning for all students; Full Subject Based Banding (FSBB) in Sec 1 classes and enhancing staff capacities and the spirit of innovation.  

For BL, our departments have revamped their learning approaches and lesson plans to infuse technology purposefully.  Our lesson designs focus on student engagement; cultivating self-directed learning and supporting the acquisition of critical and thinking skills through greater collaboration.  Dedicated staff will look into both digital literacy and cyber wellness to keep a healthy balance for all staff and students. 

Next, with Broadrick embarking on FSBB with the Secondary 1 classes, the mixed form classes setting (all 3 streams) will provide a new experience for students to mingle, build meaningful friendships and appreciate different perspectives, strengths and interests through a common learning experience in the learning of Character & Citizen Education, Music, Physical Education  Design and Technology and Food and Consumer Education. For subject classes, namely English language, Mother Tongue Languages, Science, Mathematics and Humanities, students will be learning alongside with peers of similar proficiencies. 

 Hence, in the light of the current Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) environment,  it is imperative that teachers constantly reflect and seek new improved ways to engage our students’ ‘Head, Heart and Hands’.  Our aspiration is to inspire innovative practices and collaboratively inquire and work towards improving processes and products to bring about joyful teaching and learning.  In this aspect, the school is grateful to have among our teachers a colleague who epitomises Life-Long Learning.  Ms Ong Daphne Rachel, Lead Teacher/History is the proud recipient of the Outstanding History Teacher Award (2021) and Associate of Academy of Singapore Teachers Award (2021).  She serves as a role model for fellow colleagues to continuously strive to keep abreast with the changes and stay relevant.

To conclude, I would like to encapsulate the posture we should take with the concept of ‘Ohana’. Ohana is the Hawaiian word that refers to an extended family.  So, as we navigate through the unpredictable pandemic as well as new uncharted waters, I am confident that if we all work closely together and look out for one another – staff, students, parents, School Advisory Council and Alumni alike – there is no limit to what we can achieve and scale greater heights.

Mrs Tan Lay Hong