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Media Club


The Photography Club is a fellowship of passionate artists who use their cameras as their paintbrush and the world around them as their canvas. Our budding photographers can be found at all school events, looking for photo opportunities, to take that snapshot of a classic and priceless moment in time. Their artistic works are used by various committees and CCAs in Broadrick Secondary for publication, web pages and publicity purposes. The club also seeks to help the school build up an archive of important events that can be recorded for posterity.


The Digital Videography Club comprises of students who are passionate about info-communication skills. Our club provides students with holistic training within the digital media realm in a fun and meaningful way. It helps them to be ICT savvy, learn new skills and to cultivate leadership and entrepreneurship capabilities. Students have the opportunity to learn Digital Video Production and Animation skills. Through the club’s activities, students can appreciate the positive impact of ICT better, and understand how they can tap on their creativity to apply their skills in their school project work. There are also opportunities to expand students’ creative and entrepreneurial spirit by application of these skills in the school and community through taking part in competition such as the Schools Digital Media Awards.


  • Ms Suhaila (I/C)
  • Ms Camilla Lim

Training Session:

Session 1: Wednesday 1430-1630
Session 2: Friday 1430-1630
Venue: Around the School


  • Participated in The Media Challenge 2017 @ RP