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Red Cross


To realise the Singapore Red Cross as a leading and distinctive humanitarian organization that brings together people and institutions in aid of the vulnerable.


We are dedicated to protecting human life and dignity, relieving human suffering and responding to emergencies.


Our objectives are to provide assistance in relief operations in times of disaster and in auxiliary health and welfare services to the sick, the handicapped, the aged and the poor without any distinction on grounds of race, nationality, religion or political opinions, and to furnish voluntary aid to the sick and wounded in time of war and to non-belligerents, prisoners of war and civilians sufferers from the effects of war.

Core Values

Compassion, Passion and Professionalism.

Teacher Officers

  • Mr Jude Chua (I/C)
  • Ms Noraishah Agos (2nd I/C)
  • Mr Andy Ng
  • Mr Mong Yu Siang


  • First Aid Championships 2017 – Gold
  • First Aid Championships – Bronze
  • Excellent Unit Award (2016): Gold
  • Excellent Unit Award (2015): Gold
  • First Aid Competition (2015): 2nd Place National Level
  • Excellent Unit Award (2014): Gold
  • Excellent Unit Award (2012, 2013): Gold
  • Community Service Award (2008-2013): Gold
  • Red Cross Flag Day: 1st in East Zone (Secondary School)
  • 1st Place National First Aid Competition ( East Zone) 2014
  • 1st Place National Current Affairs Competition (East Zone) 2013
  • 1st Runner-Up National First Aid Competition 2015
  • 1st Runner-Up National First Aid Competition ( South East District) 2015

Training Days

Wednesday: 1430 - 1730
Venue: Red Cross Noticeboard / Carpark


  1. First Aid Courses conducted each year
  2. Inter-UG, Inter- cadet and cadet-link activities
  3. Enrichment Activities such as rock-climbing
  4. Community Service Work such as Visit to Tung Ling Centre Community, Red Cross Flag Day
  5. Visit Blood Bank to raise awareness on Blood donation
  6. 4D3N Combined UG Camp March 2013
  7. HQ Unit Leaders’ Programme