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Show Choir

The Show Choir is united by a passion for music and a sense of awe at the beauty of the human voice. It is a platform where everybody has an opportunity to enjoy a unique musical experience. Each student is trained to perform an eclectic range of songs: Classical, Folk, Contemporary, Pop, English, Mandarin, Japanese—we traverse the history of time and genres to bring you the full flavour of the vocal cords. The Show Choir seeks to bring the joy of singing to even more people and create even more awesome music!


  • Ms Liu Siew Lee (I/C)
  • Ms Wang Wei(2nd I/C)
  • Ms Tan Ying Lin Chantel
  • Ms He Fei

Training Days

Session 1: Wednesday 1500-1700
Session 2: Friday 1500-1700
Venue: Show Choir Room (Level 4 Block A)


  • Participated in B-dazzled Competition @ RWS 29th July 2017 – Platinum Award
  • B-Dazzled! Grand Festival 2018 – Platinum Award