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Department Vision

A dynamic department providing engaging programmes to prepare future ready learners

Department Mission

  • To nurture self-directed and morally upright students who care for and actively contribute to their family, school and nation
  • To nurture confident and resilient students who are empowered and want to contribute to their community

Signature Programmes:

      Learning for Life Programme (LLP)

      To develop Confidence and Resilience in our students through Aesthetic, Community and Youth Leadership

      Comprehensive Education and Career Guidance Programme

      To create self-awareness and confidence in charting their future

      To promote career exploration through Learning Journeys, industrial visits and talks by relevant speakers

      To empower students to make well-informed and optimal post-secondary decisions independently


Students accompanying the elderly to visit Jewel Changi


Students guiding their primary school counterparts from Kong Hwa School during their Sec 2 VIA project


Students presenting their ideas during the ECG Learning Journey to MBS.