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Our Belief

Interconnectedness of the core values, social and emotional competencies and civic literacy, global awareness and cross-cultural skills that are character and citizenship development of our students.

Department Vision

To nurture self-directed and morally upright Broadricians who care for and contribute actively to their family, school and nation.

Department Mission

To develop the character of every student through providing a comprehensive total Curriculum that is holistic and developmental.


To develop our students’ character, the CCE Department ensures purposeful implementation of the school’s CCE curriculum and alignment of various supporting activities and programmes towards our schools’ values and our Broadrician Outcomes. We use the Immersion, Reflection and Action approach to ensure that CCE delivery is student-centric and we seek to engage students through their Head, their Heart and their Hands.

The Broadrician Outcomes represent what we want to see in our students after 4 to 5 years of study in Broadrick Secondary. The infographic below articulates our school’s commitment towards developing our students holistically.

CCE Motto.png

CCE - 5 Taglines (C.A.M.S.P).png

What is CCE@Broadrick

The CCE curriculum in Broadrick includes Education and Career Guidance (ECG), Sexuality Education (SEd), Cyberwellness (CW), Service Learning and CCE Themed Lessons. We nurture the character of our students through crafting of meaningful lessons and learning experiences within the CCE curriculum. The infographic below briefly explains the purpose and content of the CCE curriculum in Broadrick.

CCE is part of our Total Curriculum which is undergirded by GROWTH Mindset as articulated by Professor Carol Dweck. It is further enhanced by Making Thinking Visible which deepens and guides students’ thinking in making clear and rational decisions which will benefit themselves and their community.

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The Total Curriculum comprises 3 facets


Sound character and strong values are the foundations of education. It guides and influences our students in making wise choices that will benefit themselves and their community. The school's Character Education programme is founded on the school's SHARE values and MOE's Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) curriculum.


We believe in cultivating both character and the intellect of our students. Character education with its twin goals of intellectual and moral development is implicit in all of our school’s undertaking. We believe that quality character development is one of the key outcomes of good academic education. Educational interventions with character-related themes produce a range of positive effects that enhance effective schooling.



Design Thinking

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