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Department Vision

Critical Thinkers with Global Awareness

Department Mission

To provide authentic learning experiences in order to foster conceptual understanding and reasoning skills

All Lower Secondary History students are given the opportunity to conduct a historical investigation through an inquiry-based learning approach. Secondary 1 students investigate locals’ lives during Colonial Singapore before WWII while Secondary 2 students delve into the memories of the Japanese Occupation in Singapore.


Lower Secondary Geography Investigation (GI)

GI is a form of geographical inquiry where students analyse their GI question, plan their research, gather and select data and construct their geographical interpretations. All Sec 1 students investigated the quality of water during the Water-Trail at a local reservoir while Sec 2 students explore what makes some places in the neighbourhood special to its residents.


Upper Secondary Social Studies

At the heart of the Social Studies Curriculum is the preparation of our students to be citizens of tomorrow. To appreciate the unique strengths and challenges of Singapore, students learn through inquiry and authentic learning experiences. Secondary Three students conducted an Issue Investigation to find out how common experiences have contributed to building a cohesive Singapore society.

Katong Trail

A signature programme in Broadrick Secondary School, all Secondary One students embark on Katong Trail. Students learn about the area’s rich culture and heritage, visiting historical sites such as the Sri Senpaga Vinayagar Temple and Holy Family Church and old favorite hangout joints such as Chin Mee Chin Confectionery.