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Vision & Mission

  • To develop students into creative thinkers and effective problem-solvers.


  • To provide students with a strong foundation in Mathematical concepts and skills
  • To stretch students' Mathematical ability to the fullest through innovative teaching.
  • To cultivate a positive attitude, passion and perseverance in learning Mathematics for our students (values of passion and perseverance).

Signature Programmes

The Mathematics Department designs level enrichment programmes, catering to the needs, interests and profiles of the students at each level, to provide a holistic and comprehensive experience in numeracy.  These enrichment programmes are aimed at 

  • encouraging students to appreciate the beauty and relevance of Mathematics in real world and other disciplines, and
  • encouraging students to work collaboratively in teams.

  • For Secondary One students, the Sudoku Enrichment promotes logical thinking and problem solving in a fun way as they work through the number grids.  Through this experience, students realise how numbers are used for recreational purposes.
  • For Secondary Two students, they experience first-hand how numbers are important in a real-life setting through a Learning Journey – Sec 2 Math Trail @ Changi.  Working in teams, they have to navigate Changi Airport amenities to complete the trail.  This experience exposes them to logical thinking and problem solving skills as they attempt to overcome the obstacles encountered along the way.  Thus, they learn to appreciate to appreciate the value of Mathematics as a tool to tackle real-world problems.
  • For Secondary Three students, a Discovery Math Day is organised where we bring some real-world application of Math into the school for students to experience.  Having a better grasp of the various mathematical concepts at Secondary 3, students then explore the Mathematics discipline and its application to the real world at a deeper level.



All Singapore Secondary Mathematics Competition for National Course StudentsUpper Secondary NT Individual Category
  • Mohammad Harris B Zulkeppeli (16th)
  • Shaun Ang Zhang Ze (17th)


Assesment for Learning (AFL) in the classroom

Students holding the models they made on Math Discovery Day