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Mother Tongue


To nurture Broadricians to be active learners and effective communicators of their Mother Tongue Language through interactive, authentic and meaningful learning experiences.

Signature Programmes:

Chin-Ta-Yu (MTL Fortnight)
  • Chin-Ta-Yu is Broadrick Secondary School’s Mother Tongue Language Fortnight and its name originates from an amalgamation of Chinese, Tamil, and Melayu. This programme seeks to promote language and cultural awareness among our students and provide a platform for students to learn and use their Mother Tongue Languages in novel and authentic ways.

News-in-Education Programme (Reading Programme)

  • To nurture a love for reading through the Mother Tongue Languages and equip students with critical thinking skills through discussion of current affairs.  This programme is conducted fortnightly within MTL lessons. CL students subscribe to Zaobao Comma, ML students subscribe to Berita Harian, and TL students subscribe to Tamil Murasu.

Celebration of Festivals

  • To celebrate the diversity of our Singapore Culture