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Department Mission

Aspire to nurture every individual’s character through the school’s SHARE values

Department Vision

To develop every Broadrician into an active individual who is able to demonstrate competency in learning game concepts and to pursue a healthy lifestyle


  • Students apply movement concepts to the learning and development of motor skills
  • Students apply game concepts related to thinking skills when participating in games
  • Students develop character through school values and Social Emotional (SE) competencies through participation of physical activities
  • Students participate regularly, actively and safely in physical activities as well as exhibit a comprehensive understanding of a healthy lifestyle



  • In line with the revised PE curriculum, lessons comprises 12 to 16 hours of engaging and affective learning for each sport.  Besides the usual sports, Netball, Football, Badminton and Basketball, newer sports like Ultimate Frisbee, Floorball, Tchoukball and Tag Rugby are included.  Some of these sports will culminate in an inter-class game to give students the opportunity to display their values of friendship, respect and excellence that they have learnt through their journey of learning the sport.
  • For Outdoor Education, students have hands-on experience in orienteering and outdoor cooking, in preparation for the Secondary 3 MOE-OBS Challenge Programme.
  • Fitness training continues to take on new dimensions with progressive training being key in students’ NAPFA preparation and the yearly Health-Run Challenge at SportsHub.

Our Co-Curricular Activities

Broadrick believes that participation in Co-Curriculum Activities (CCA) is an excellent medium for our students to learn and demonstrate desirable social qualities. Taking part in CCA can nurture students’ passion for their interests and develop their appreciation in the arts.

Physical Sports nurtures Sportsmanship and Integrity

Uniformed Groups aims to grow Disciplined and Dedicated Citizens

Clubs and Societies, encourage Enterprise and Versatility

Our CCA Framework

The core of the framework represents the School’s Vision, Mission and SHARE Values. The spokes are linked to the Guiding Principles of the CCA Framework provided by MOE. We have customised the principles. We want to ensure that these guiding principles are articulated in the various platforms namely the CCA groups (Uniformed Groups, Performing Arts, Sports/Games and Clubs)