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Applied Learning Programme

“Broadrick Entrepreneurship in STEM” seeks to nurture entrepreneurship, critical and inventive thinking in students. Our “Entrepreneurship in STEM” programme aims to help our students to become inquisitive leaders, critical and creative thinkers who embrace the spirit of creativity and enterprise.  This is achieved through a two-tiered Applied Learning Programme

Tier 1

At Tier 1, all students will be equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills, and disposition through school-based Science and D&T lessons. Students will apply their learning in an authentic context, focusing on addressing the challenges of promoting sustainable, renewable energy in the lower secondary curriculum.

Tier 2

Students with interest or talent would be identified to participate in our Tier 2 programmes. These include participation in competitions as additional avenues for students to showcase their creativity and entrepreneurial dare. There are also opportunities for selected students to serve a short attachment to local and overseas’ companies in STEM related fields. The ALP journey would hone students’ hard- and soft-skills, preparing them to be future ready learners

Program Design


Below is a snapshot of what our students can expect from our ALP experience.


At Secondary 1, students will take part in a series of ALP activities conducted by the Science teachers with support from the Science Centre STEM Inc.  Besides learning about systems and understanding what STEM is all about, students will have hands-on experience constructing a prototype using recyclable materials to showcase their learning.  Our students will also learn about the design thinking process which has been weaved into the D&T curriculum, allowing them to explore and be innovative while at the same time honing their decision making skills.

At Secondary 2, students will continue their ALP journey to learn more about the importance of sustainability, renewable energy and their impact on our planet. Students are given opportunities to apply their learning in project work settings to solve authentic problems, make logical analysis and resolve conflicts as a team. Students will also have the opportunity to perform experiential learning on how technology is being used to solve real life energy related problems.

At Secondary 3, students who exhibit talent and interest through their distinctive and creative prototypes are given more in-depth exposure to business planning, business ethics and design thinking. These students will then take part in innovative and entrepreneurship related competitions to stretch their potential in the spirit of achieving excellence in creativity and entrepreneur dare. Students are offered opportunities to go for job shadowing at local and overseas’ companies in STEM related fields. Through these opportunities, students get to experience the working world of today and bring back these experiences to share with their peers, enhancing the motivation for students to find out more about their areas of interest and better plan their future studies and career choices.future studies and career choices.

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Recent Achievement

SMU Youth Innovation Challenge 2018

As part of the Enhanced Entrepreneur Experience (E3), 3 teams took part in the Singapore Management University (SMU) Youth Innovation Challenge (YIC) 2018 held in April and we are pleased that 2 teams managed to clinch awards with their innovative solutions. The theme for the competition this year is Smart Cities.


“Best Go-to-Market Award”

Cheerie Tan, Oliver Ng, Elizabeth Chua, Toh Si Pei

The group Urban Nest came up with the Exercising Electricity Generator, a product that combines an exercise elliptical and electrical generator. Targeting office workers, the product aims to reduce electricity usage by harnessing kinetic harvested from pedalling the elliptical.

“Best Innovation Award”

Ira Joy, Wong Zhi Lin, Andrew Chan, Rachel Chew

Raiz-Up decided to create a product that will have positive impacts within the community. They noticed that the cleaners in school often have to haul large bags of waste into the disposable bins. They came up with an innovative invention called EZ-LIFT, making use of hydraulics to dispose off rubbish. This product aims to improve productivity among cleaners and prevent potential injuries.

 The Bright Ideas Challenge 2018

“National Champion”

Aminah Hydar, Benjamin Wong, Chen Siyu

This year, Broadrick’s very own “The Triggered Team” pitched the idea of converting waste sound energy into electricity as a solution to our world’s energy crisis. After conducting some research, the students learned about sound energy and vibrations and came up with a feasible way to convert the vibrational energy of sound into electricity by incorporating the properties of the material, Zinc Oxide on nanorods (tiny tiny rods). Their idea to place these sound converting devices at noisy places in order to generate a viable source of alternative energy won them the title of National Champions at The Bright Ideas Challenge 2018.
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