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GEAR UP @ Broadrick

The GEAR-UP (Guiding & Empowering Students for Affiliation & Resilience to Unlock their Potential) Programme @ Broadrick is a school-based integrated support programme to enhance students’ learning motivation, strengthen their school connectedness and build their resilience.

Programme Structure

1. The Teen Zone which is a drop-in centre that provides after school engagement programmes. These programmes are specifically designed with the aims to proactively reach out to students meaningfully, engaging them in a positive environment. Through the SMART (Sports, Mentoring, Arts, Recreation and Technical) framework, a wide range of activities is carefully planned and delivered The programme focuses on equipping them with skills through quality training and attachment opportunities to social enterprises and event management companies. Positive relationships are built through significant adults and positive peer groups. 

2. Academic Coaching programmes for selected students who need the extra help in their school work. 

3. Youth Developmental Mentoring programmes for selected students to enhance their SEL competencies and leadership skills through sports and experiential activities.

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