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Learning for Life Programme

In Broadrick Secondary School, we are strongly committed to delivering holistic education to our students. The Learning for Life Programme at Broadrick Secondary School seeks to nurture Confidence And REsilience (CARE) through Aesthetic, Community and Youth Leadership.

To be future-ready learners with strength of character, our students are given opportunities to discover themselves and build confidence and resilience to face a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world. We believe that through their exposure in aesthetics and service learning, they will experience deep introspection of selves, find their passion and sense of purpose as they learn new skills, interact with people and serve the community.

Programme Design

The LLP is implemented in two tiers. All students will have the opportunity to experience Tier 1 programmes, as these are structured into the school curriculum. Students who have shown aptitude and interest in the domain and those who step forward to volunteer to participate are offered Tier 2 programmes, where there are additional platforms and opportunities to work with the community.

Tier 1 programmes and experiences are curated to allow knowledge and skills to be applied to subsequent LLP experiences in later years. For example, a student will learn how to play a ukulele in Secondary 1 and learn about project management in Secondary 2. He/she may then use these skills in planning projects or putting up performances as they plan and carry out Service Learning projects in Secondary 3.

Below is a snapshot of what our students can expect from our Tier 1 LLP experience.

Sec 1 LLP Experience

Our Secondary 1 students are exposed to performing skills such as the Ukelele and percussion instruments and they learn various elements of arts through the aesthetic programme.

They are given platforms to develop team-building skills and get to serve the school through recycling and upcycling efforts. 


Sec 1 students participating in "Save that Pen" project.

Sec 2 LLP Experience

Built in to the curriculum, we help our Secondary 2 students to deepen their appreciation of music and art through both theory lessons and enrichment courses. Students are given opportunities to learn how to write their own songs and create artwork through different techniques and with different materials.

Students will also learn about project management and plan outreach activities to engage kindergarten students. Every student gets to work collaboratively with their teams, learn how to overcome challenges and build their confidence as they interact with their younger peers. 

Sec 3 LLP Experience

Our Secondary 3 students are guided to take greater ownership and initiate Service Learning projects to contribute to a cause they strongly believe in.

Below are some examples of projects our students were involved in.


Gardening at an organic farm.

A pre-loved items collection drive to raise funds for the financially needy families.


It takes a Village.....to raise funds!


Our signature Tier 2 platform for our students to serve the community is our Hearty Breakfast Project.


The Hearty Breakfast Project is a collaborative work with Tung Ling Eldercare Centre. A group of student volunteers serve breakfast and interact with the elderly residents of Dakota Crescent. First started in 2015, the project aimed to provide an authentic platform for Broadricians to nurture care and compassion for others in the community and help them gain confidence to be good communicators.

Students and teachers would organise a breakfast gathering at Blk 95A Old Airport Road once every few weeks and engage the elderly residents by listening to their perspectives about the challenges and issues that they face in their daily lives in Dakota Crescent.

With news to redevelop Dakota Crescent, the elderly were relocated to nearby HDB Blocks in 2017. That same year, Broadrick Secondary merged with MacPherson Secondary, and the Hearty Breakfast Project took on new dimensions. In order to better engage the elderly, students started to showcase their aesthetic talents during Hearty Breakfast sessions. They also introduced Sudoku to the elderly residents to help them stay mentally active. The project continues to evolve as our students and teachers regularly discuss ways to deepen the interaction between the school and the community.






All smiles at Hearty Breakfast!