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Love your Food @ Schools Project

Our school, Broadrick Secondary School is honoured to be involved in the Love Your Food @ Schools Project in collaboration with NEA starting 2017. Our students learn to appreciate food and how production and consumption affects Singapore and our world. This project introduces a closed- looped waste management system to our students and staff so that we inculcate the life-long habit of reducing the amount of food waste generated. Students and staff practice food waste segregation.We learn to use the food digester to generate food compost and return valuable nutrients back to the soil for plant growth. 

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Practising food waste segregation

lyf 2.jpgUsing food to generate compost

lyf 3.jpgBroadrick Secondary Students at Love Your Food @ Schools Experiential Train organised by NEA -7 April 2017

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Environment CLub Students LEarning to make their own DIY compost bins and understand the role they play as environmental stewards under the guidance of Team Revert from SIM.

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Students participated in ' Love Your Food' Instagram activity organised by NEA - 21 April 2017

lyf 7.jpg Sec 3 Environment Ambassadors spreading food conversation message to guests at Broadrick's National Soduku Challenge 2017.

lyf 8.jpgSec 3 students met Tristam Stuart, National Geographic Emerging Explorer and an official UN champion of the global youth and community event, ' Celebrating the End of Food Waste', on 19 August 2017